“Use your voice so that your body does not have to speak for you”

– Jasmine Price


fertility doula

Professional Training / Workshops

Welcome and thank you for choosing us to join you on this journey.

Pride Of Nyla is a mental health and wellness space. We take pride in creating a safe place for BIPOC people on their healing journey and prioritize making the therapeutic process a human experience.

The experiences we have, positive and negative, impact us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Yet, we are conditioned to speak only of the positive experiences as if those are the only ones that count. We believe that was is spoken can be felt. What can be felt can be processed. What can be processed can be healed.

As you heal, you heal those that came before you, the people here with you, and those that will come after you.

If you have gotten to this point in your search, you already contain the courage to become your best self and are ready to own your story. But no one achieves this alone.

We would love the opportunity to be a part of your journey.

Jasmine Price, LCPC, LPC

At my core, I am a therapist who is passionate about individuals being grounded and prepared to confidently navigate family, relational, and communal spaces. The work that is done often reveals unspoken intergenerational truths and experiences that lead to feelings of anxiousness, distrust, not feeling safe to show up authentically, stress, and fertility issues. Though individual healing is my primary focus, I understand that communal healing strengthens individual work. Schools and daycare facilities have opportunities to work with me to address student-teacher rapport, effective leaderships skills, and creating nurturing environments for students.


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