Fertility Doula

As a Fertility Doula, I am here to support you and your family on your journey to conceive and enhance fertility & reproductive health. You are absolutely able to combine Fertility Doula support with IVF treatment. In fact, it is a great way to prepare the body before beginning IVF treatments since it is ideal that you begin preparation at least three months before attempts. My goal as your Fertility Doula is to acknowledge and heal trauma to the womb, remove energetic blockages, and reduce stress on the body to prepare for pregnancy.

In each package, you will receive education and support for:

Fertility nutrition and lifestyle
Exercise and fitness
Your menstrual cycle
Charting your cycle
Helpful herbs and supplements
Family Planning
Ailments of the womb

The cost for this package is $200/month with a minimum 3-month requirement.

Please note As a Holistic Fertility Doula I provide natural measures to help cleanse, prepare and support the body in preparation for conception. I DO NOT DIAGNOSE & GIVE ANY PROGNOSIS. I DO NOT GUARANTEE AN OUTCOME OF CONCEPTION.